The design and colors of a website is everything. It's the first thing people notice when they visit your page. Therefore it's important how the webpage looks and feels, we can achieve this by clean and beautiful design and an easy to navigate webpage.
Web development is a passion of mine and one of my favorite classes in school. I love to make websites in my free time to teach myself better and more efficient coding. With clean and well-ordered code other people can learn from your work.
Communication between me and the customer is crucial. Without them I can't do my job porperly. Therefore I like the customer to be involved in the designing of the website so we can achieve the best looking and feeling website for their project.

Making your thoughts reality.

Through beautiful design and coding.


Jeroen is my name and HTML/CSS/PHP is my game. I'm a first year ICT & Media student at Fontys Hogeschool and my passion is coding and gaming. Although I'm a starting web designer I learn fast and have a lot of fun building websites. So if you need a nice and clean looking website or a new logo for your company, look no further! Contact me by E-mail, Facebook or Twitter all of which can be found below.

Together anything is possible.

Your vision and my skills can make anything work.


JeroenBessemsDesigns loves to get in touch with you and adress your project. Because it's almost always a custom project I'd like to analyse the case and go choose the best options in your case. When we reach an agreement I can go to work and visualise that idea in your head. I do this by frequent communication back and forth between the customer and me. You can obviously always contact me when you have any questions or need extra advise.

Be involved in the process.

Feedback and teamwork is crucial in a project.


If you like this website, my style or web design and want to see more of my work click here!